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Reduced costs, increased revenues and accelerated growth through outsourcing to Branded Bricks.


Outsourcing helps businesses to focus all their time and resources into sales. This helps them achieve strong year-on-year revenue growth. Outsource all or part of your back-office administration, choose the service that meets your business needs

White Label

When we talk to your client on the phone it's under your brand name. All email communication is branded. The reports we send to your clients will have your logo on it. We act as one entity to the end-user.

• Reference management

• Drafting and signing tenancy agreements

• Move-in money collection

• Deposit registration

• Inventory and check in management

• Renewal, addendum and termination administration

• Legal notice service

Client Accounts

  • Rent collection

  • Landlord payments

  • Contractor payments

  • Landlord statements

  • Commission payments

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Deposit releases

  • Non-resident landlord scheme quarterly/annual returns

  • Rent arrears control

Property Management

  • Deposit Negotiation 

  • Ongoing Legal Compliance 

  • Inspections 

  • Contractor Payments 

  • Day to Day Maintenance 

  • Renewals  

  • End of Tenancy 

  • Legal Notice Service 

  • Query Handling

  • Properties are being looked after 24/7 365 days  

Fully Managed Service

  • Administration

  • Client Accounts

  • Property Management

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