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Strong financial foundations for success in the rental market.

Outsourced client accounting is the equivalent of having your own Financial Controller.

We understand your agency’s requirements, we know the right questions to ask and we are just as passionate about your agency as you are. As much as we understand the lettings market inside out, our expertise in other functions means we can help you to execute a new finance function to perfection.

Why we are a strong partner

  • We’re a highly experienced team. Some of our management team have held senior positions at national letting agents.

  • National coverage, no matter where you are in the UK, we have you covered.

  • Proven track record of delivering cost savings. Without exception, we have helped deliver operational cost savings to our clients.

Outsourcing your client accounting isn’t just a short term cost-cutting exercise. Although reduced costs are the strongest advantage, outsourcing to our finance team can also drive long-term efficiencies, deliver sustainable benefits and be a real platform for growth.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing your client accounting include:

  • Scalability. In rapid growth periods, the back-office operations of an agency also expand. Business owners can react quickly to changes within their business, as well as industry and economic changes in a way you just can’t when you have an in-house finance operation.

  • Staff issues are a thing of the past. Save money on everything that comes with employing staff such as recruitment costs, holiday pay, training and office equipment.

  • Staff leaving, holidays and staff absence just doesn’t happen. Our clients benefit from having their accounting systems running all year round.

  • More time. It’s hard enough juggling everything that comes with running a letting agency as well as managing your accounts team. Outsourcing client accounting frees up valuable time.

  • Greater productivity. We split one role into several roles across our team meaning tasks are completed efficiently, quickly and by the right member of the team.

  • Access to the industry’s best tools and technology. We constantly look to improve our service and expertise through new technology, so that our clients can reap the benefits.

  • We never get ill. Ok, we jest. Of course, we get ill. We also take annual leave from time-to-time too. However, where some accounts teams are heavily reliant on key employees, meaning holidays and any time off can cause a bit of a headache when they’re away, our clients still get access to business-critical numbers and their financial systems remain up and running

Our client accounting service includes:

  • Processing and allocating money received

  • Reconciling against rent demands and invoices raised

  • Delivery of detailed daily receipts and payments schedule

  • Generating landlord statements and remittance advice notices

  • Deal with any rent arrears and follow rent arrears process keeping all parties updated

  • Non Resident landlord accounting is taken care of including quarterly and annual submissions

  • Payments to landlords and suppliers by BACS

  • Itemised fees and commission reports

  • Dedicated phone lines

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