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  • Dave Hunt

A War for Talent

Market conditions, candidate availability and employee retention - a perfect storm in the property market? When the pandemic hit, it was a dark time with many property professionals put on furlough, made redundant, or asked to take pay cuts. During this time, it seems numerous property professionals chose to leave the industry – just look at your LinkedIn network.

Lack of candidates seems prevalent across most markets; it's especially challenging to find top talent within the property management sector. Demand from businesses waiting for more certain times has unleashed a war for talent.

Outsourcing to Branded Bricks could be the answer

  • You don’t have to hire more employees: When you outsource, our people become your people, enhancing your current capabilities seamlessly and beneficially.

  • Access to our pool of talent: Outsourcing gives you access to skilled expertise that you may not be able to acquire. By outsourcing some or all of your property management activities, you will have experts working for your business. It will significantly improve performance. At the same time, your team’s capacity will increase - focus on more profitable tasks.

  • Lower cost: You don’t need to trade quality for lower costs. Outsourcing can reduce costs in several ways - recruitment, training, and onboarding to name a few. You are paying for the service, not the staff.

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